Dear American voters!

As the Super Tuesday and therefor the race for the pre presidential election is on, I would like to have a word with you.

Who are you going to vote for? As it seems, there are only three choices, as the other candidates are more or less far behind. The three remaining canidates, as far as I see it, are McCain, Clinton and Obama.

As McCain seems to be the presidential candidate for the Republicans, because Romney and Huckabee are to far behind, the race is on for the Democratic side. Both candidates, Clinton and Obama want you to vote fot the change, I say: Go for it! Vote for the change and have in mind, who is going to bring that change.

Will it be Clinton, with too much of Bill’s old staff pulling the strings in the background? Of course, you will have a fair chance to get a set name, as the Clintons into the White House, but honestly: Will Hillary be a match for McCain when it comes to the election later this year?

I don’t think that way.

You need a candidate that is able to challenge McCain and I am sorry to say, a woman like Hillary isn’t, even if she is a Clinton. You will need a candidate showing that he is full of life, that way McCain will look even older than he does anyway. McCain, the successful Vietnam veteran (I am not sure if success is the right word, when it comes to the Vietnam war), looks old and ill. What do you want with a president this old? If he would be elected and make it through both periods he’ll be 80 years!!! That is, and please have this in mind, older than the pope as he got elected and now look at that guy. He is not what I would call the healthy man in the prime of his life…ready for change.

Now go and vote, your country is ready for the change!